Dickey must be great for Mets

Dickey’s next start will come Thursday afternoon at Nationals Park.

Dickey, 37, said he was taking a broad view of the season — something he was unable to do as a young player — and finding peace in the fact that each season has its highs and lows. There was a danger of overthinking things, he said.

“For me, it’s much more important to go back to the basics  which is what I’ve done in my bullpen sessions  and try to let things be the way they’re going to be,” he said.

That doesn’t mean Dickey has not tried to make adjustments. Dickey, who can throw a knuckleball anywhere from the low 60-mile-per-hour range to the low 80s, said he probably needed to vary his velocity.

“I think perhaps throwing too many hard knuckleballs has gotten me in trouble some, in an effort to strike guys out with it,” Dickey said. “If anything, I’m going to try to change speed with it a bit more, but nothing drastic.”

Manager Terry Collins speculated that opposing hitters — aware of Dickey’s success — had begun to have better at bats against him.

“Right now, I know, because of what’s happened, everybody we’re facing now, they are really working the at-bats,” Collins said.

Whatever the case, Dickey said his approach would remain steady. “It’ll turn,” he said. “I just need to keep grinding it out.”  Thursday’s game is a must win for the Mets and they need Dickey to stop the bleeding and end this 6 game losing streak.

Ed Rivera/ap


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