The Mets will be Sellers at the Trade Deadline

Phoenix, Arizona

Mets Gm Sandy Alderson never had any intentions of making any deals. He was treading water lightly watching this bullpen implode every night without any help,The Mets were playing their butts off defying the odds but he never gave them a fighting chance he waited patiently until they fell out of the race so he can say at the deadline we are out contention why mortgage the future.

They will start Matt Harvey tonight out of neccesity because ownership is too cheap or broke to claim a pitcher that is not named Chris Schwinden Also, another bat would fail to mask their ugly pitching staff. Dillon Gee’s injury left them with an empty spot in the rotation that the Mets have been unable to fill. Top prospect Matt Harvey will get the nod on Thursday, but nobody can reasonably expect an untested rookie to save their season.

by Ed Rivera


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