Kirk Gibson: MLB Needs Stronger Penalties For Steroid Users

CBS Chicago

(WSCR) The Arizona Diamondbacks currently sit 6 1/2 games out of first place behind the Dodgers and Giants in the National League West.

And when news broke Wednesday that one of the Giants most productive offensive weapons, Melky Cabrera, had tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, the revelation didn’t sit well with D-Backs manager Kirk Gibson.

“He’s had a huge impact against us,” Gibson told the Arizona Republic. “And then you go back to 2008 with the Manny (Ramirez) thing. Huge impact. You compare like in the NCAA with Penn State. All those people are gone and Penn State is paying for it. Here it’s just tied to the individual. I think we need much stronger ramifications for that type of activity. It just absolutely cannot be tolerated.”

It should be the noted the Diamondbacks lost the NL West by two games in 2008, getting edged out by the…

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