Red Sox Need More Than Francona To Solve Problems

Hiring Bobby Valentine was a mistake and trading their accomplished stars to appease Valentine is a disaster.

CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — The 2012 Boston Red Sox are an absolute mess. This is not breaking news.

They’ve dropped seven straight games to start their road trip, the first time they’ve done that to start a road trip since 1960, to fall to 62-74 on the season,  Their best player now wears a Dodgers uniform, their current players are fighting in the dugout about pickoff moves, their closer had to fly commercial to catch up with his team after being suspended by the team, and the manager says poetic things like “Who cares?” when he’s asked questions in a postgame press conference.

And when such a high-profile team has such high-profile problems, the high-profile baseball writers start to toss out some high-profile opinions, like this one from Fox’s Ken Rosenthal: Boston Red Sox should fire Bobby Valentine, bring back Terry Francona.

That is the story buzzing through the baseball…

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