Dickey Trade Bait

On the surface it seems obvious that the Mets should talk with Dickey after the year is over about an extension to his current contract witch expires after 2013 season. But should the New York Mets really consider extending Dickey despite his excellent year?


Even though he shows unusual consistency for a knuckleballer, he is in his late thirties and won’t likely repeat the performance in coming years. That’s why the New York Mets, who are in a rebuilding mode, ought to trade Dickey and get some top prospects, specifically outfield prospects, since the organization is bereft in that area.

With the Mets losing $23 million in revenue this year, and the organization focused on extending the contract of third baseman David Wright, the Mets need to make a calculated decision about the righty, despite all the things he brings to the table.

With his trade value at the highest peak of his career, the Mets ought to send Dickey to a team, preferably in the American League, that has a deep farm system like the Texas Rangers—the very club the right-hander began his career with.

As it stands, the closest Mets outfield prospect, Matt den Dekker is only hitting in the low .200s in Triple-A. And with the Mets rich in pitching talent, with the likes of Matt Harvey along with top prospect Zach Wheeler—acquired in a trade with the San Francisco Giants for Carlos Beltran—the Mets have a bright future on the pitching mound.  Furthermore, both John Niese and Dillon Gee, despite the latter’s injury, have both emerged as solid major league starters for New York’s National League franchise.

Dickey’s performance this year has been a blessing for the Mets and their fans, who after a great start in the first half of the year—highlighted by Johan Santana throwing the first no-hitter in franchise history—have taken a serious drop in the standings in the N.L East.

Jay Everest Ap


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