Orioles will be better in 2013

To Key members missing are first baseman Mark Reynolds and left hander Joe Saunders .Reynolds signed with the Cleveland
Indians,and Saunders is available as a free agent.

Duquette says he is interested in looking for some veteran pitching and for an established bat. That hasn’t happened.Duquette has kept a relatively low profile this offseason,signing outfielder Nate Mclouth to a one year,$2 million contract.Saunders,who had a combined 4.07 ERA last year for the Orioles and the Arizona Diamondbacks,stated this month that he would be willing to return to Baltimore ,but that olive branch might not be recipricated. Enter Adam Jones the club’s best player.The offense largely will rest on his shoulders,along with Chris Davis and catcher Matt Weiters.The Orioles lost 23 Big Flys when Reynolds departed to Cleveland. Jones recorded a hit in 125 games last season. He hit a career -high 32 homers ,with three tying the score and 17 giving the Orioles a lead. The Orioles have been rumored to be interested in trading for Diamondbacks outfielder Jason Kubel,who would be a nice fit platooning with designated hitter Wilson Betemit and playing in left field.Kubel hit 30 home runs with 90 RBI last season. Showalter is ready for an encore.

“Well, the one great thing about sitting in Yankee Stadium in the locker room at the end of Game 5,there was no one happy.Guys got a taste of that,” he says.”When you have a feeling like that,the reward is the opportunity to do it again”.

Orioles notes

Prospect to watch this spring RHP Dylan Bundy

Feb 13th First workout for Pitchers and Catchers

Feb 16th Full squad workout.


Ed Rivera


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