Olbermann Predicts Nationals to ‘Blow Through’ Postseason, Win World Series


WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — ESPN’s Keith Olbermann predicted on his Monday television broadcast the Washington Nationals to “blow through” the postseason en route to their first-ever World Series championship.

Olbermann’s prediction came at the tail end of a segment — roughly the 6-minute, 20-second mark — in which he reviewed his 2014 MLB predictions, or rather the predictions of his alter ego “Mr. Cranky.”

After assessing how those predictions shook out, Mr. Cranky had one more prediction, of championship proportion.

“But now, Mr. Cranky says he knows who wins the World Series,” Olbermann said. “You gotta wait for those Wild Card games to figure out the process, but bluntly I think one team is going to blow through the postseason. They might lose no more than four or five games in October. That team: The 2014 World Series Champion Washington Nationals.”

Currently, eleven wins stand between the Nationals and such a postseason…

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